Friday, September 16, 2011


catchin up with my best friend mia over the one and only cafe rio! mmmm yum.

we decided to throw our very own Christmas dance party in my street.

singing to "all I want for Christmas is you!"
 [p.s. this song always makes me happy even when its not Christmas time]

isn't she just the cutest thing?! 

Visiting Grandpa Potter he told me he studied "girlology" in college haha he cracks me up!!

Grandma Potta we are pro at making crazy faces! YOP.

OH beks I have missed you.

Fort building,cookie making,hot dog eating,and watching Spice World is what we do.

our lovely fort we made.

we had to have a sign for our fort.

2nd mom, she is great!

MOM!!! ahh I love her so much! don't you think we look a lot a like? I sure do!

me and Ashton are best.friends.

teaching primary with my mama! so adorable. 

hahaha my mom usually has 12 4 year olds in her class. she is superwomen.

2nd family!!

Holding baby Cameron and Mckayla!!

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