Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kissing Rugby? alright!

So last night me and my friend Kaysie went over to our friend Rory's house to play games. Little did we know that we were going to play a game called kissing rugby.Our first reaction to this news was, we are playing a game that involves kissing a bunch of strangers...while playing rugby? ummmmm no way! But as we got there and saw how you played we were like alright we can do this no big deal.It was so funny to watch and fun to play! So let me try to explain to you how to play. wooo this is going to be hard to explain so hopefully you can catch on!K so there is someone in the middle of the floor boy/girl. (whoever wins sits in the middle) So lets just say a boy is in the middle of the room.Then there is a girl in one corner and a boy in the opposite corner as the girl.The girl is trying to kiss the boy in the middle (on the cheek) before the boy in the corner kisses her. And the boy in the corner is trying to kiss the girl and keep the girl away from the boy in the middle.Does that make any sense?! haha anyways it's probably one of my favorite games to play now! haha
so these movies aren't the best all. but maybe you can try to figure it out how to play?

rory is 6'8 he has got this in the bag.

haha poor kaysie!

a win for the boys
by the end of the night we were pretty worn out!

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